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Vikings New Stadium

The Minnesota Vikings have played in the Metrodome for many years. They played indoors for at least 30 years but the stadium is falling apart and last year the whole roof of the Metrodome came crashing down on the field and it was a big mess.

The Vikings have recently tore the Metrodome down and are building a new state of the art 1 billion dollar stadium that will be one of the league’s best.  The Vikings are already bidding for a 2019 Super Bowl in that stadium and are front runners to get it.  The stadium will be paid for by the owners and will use some tax payer money as well.  The ground breaking for the stadium was just a few weeks ago.

Vikings New Stadium Drawing

The stadium should be ready in time for the 2016 Minnesota Vikings opener.  It will be a stadium that opens and closes which is good for the ugly Minnesota weather at times.  For the next few years the Vikings will play in the Minnesota Gophers stadium while theirs gets built.  It won’t be the best place to play but they have to in order for their stadium to be built.

Gophers Stadium

Adrian Peterson

Adrian Peterson is a running back for the Minnesota Vikings.  He is the best running back in the league and won MVP two years ago.  He is signed on with Vikings for about 6 more years.  He has over 10,000 yards in his first 7 seasons.

Adrian Peterson won the Most Valuable Player Award in 2012 rushing for 2097 yards and only single digit yards from having the all time rushing record for most yards in a game.  He needs 9,000 yards to pass Emmit Smith as the NFL’s leading all time rusher in history.

In 2012 the Vikings were slumping and didn’t look like they would make the playoffs.  Adrian Peterson went off through the last four games and the Vikings won their last four to get into the playoffs. Peterson had over 200 yards in each of his last two games of the season. It was one of the best season’s any NFL running back has ever had.  He was just shy of passing Eric Dickerson’s record.


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This picture shows Tiger woods golfing at one of his tournaments.  It shows how he reacts to one of his shots that he just hit.  It shows him wearing his classic red.

2008 Buick Invitational

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This picture is cool because it shows the whole U.S lighting up for the NFL.  It shows that everyone loves football and everybody turns their TV on to watch the game every Sunday.


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This picture is of Adrian Peterson running the football with a mean look on his face like he is about to wreck someone. It perfectly shows how Adrian runs because he always runs with power and force every time he touches the ball.

adrian peterson

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Lebron James

Lebron James is one of the best NBA players to ever live and in my opinion he will be the best to ever live when he is done.  He has been to 5 NBA finals and has won 2 finals.  He has won the NBA finals MVP for both finals that he has one.

He is a four time MVP and is looking for his 3rd straight NBA title this year as the Miami Heat are the two seed in the Eastern Conference Playoffs. In his career he has averaged 27 points 7 rebounds and 7 assists.  Those are some of the best stats a player has ever achieved.  He is a complete player who can do it all.

Lebron has done all this before the age of 29.  He had more MVP’s at the age of 27 than Michael Jordan did and Jordan is considered one of the best players ever if not the best.  He didn’t even go to college he went straight to the NBA which is a tough road.  Though Lebron can’t shoot as well as some he is the best scorer at the basket that has ever played the game.  He made it to the finals in his fourth season on a young and inexperience team something Jordan couldn’t do. Jordan didn’t have a team record above .500 until his fourth season.  Lebron arguably did it by himself his first 7 years when Jordan couldn’t reach the finals until he got Scottie Pippen and Horace Grant.

These are some of the reasons why I think Lebron James will be the greatest player of all time. 



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